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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Google Product Releases

Rian Stockbower writes:

It doesn’t matter what you run on top of the platform once it’s in place. That’s why Google can keep throwing service after service onto the pile and it doesn’t matter if most of them fail because the cost of maintaining them is negligible: the grid is running whether Google Product du Jour running on top of it or not. With plenty of capacity, there’s no compelling reason not to keep adding to the list of prodcuts and services: users will cherry pick their services of choice.

Yahoo Without Motto

Yahoo’s CEO Terry Semel was interviewed by Fortune. Quote:

Q: Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.” What’s Yahoo’s?

Semel: [Long pause.] I don’t know that we have a motto. Well, the mission of the company is, Deliver great value to our consumers and, basically, value them.

(Is it better to have no good motto at all, or to have a good motto and then compromise it?)

[Via Search Engine Watch.]

Angela Merkel Video Blog?

The German chancellor is vlogging. No, really. [Thanks Ionut.]

Google Coupons?

Why does show a different file-not-found message than, say, What’s Google Coupons?

[Thanks Frank Fuchs.]

Update: Ah, it’s this service unveiled today. Google says, “Let Google users print your coupons and bring them to your business. Coupons will appear alongside your business listing on Google Maps.” You can add coupons to Google Maps for free, but at the moment the service is only available for businesses in the US, Canada, China and Japan. [Thanks everyone!]

Update 2: Here’s an example location... check the “Coupons” link to the left side. [Thanks Or.]


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