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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lessons From the Death of a Web 2.0 Startup

This is one of the 5 “Lessons From The Death Of A Web 2.0 Startup”, from the creator of online calendar Kiko, a Google Calendar competitor:

Google Is The New Microsoft: Back in the day, lots of software companies made sure that their business models kept them out of the cross-hairs of Microsoft. They didn’t want to get stomped on. Today, though this is still the case in some sectors, Google is a much more formidable (and scary) competitor. Google has all the power of a multi-billion dollar company, but a lot of the nimbleness and energy of a startup.

Still, they try to sell Kiko on eBay with a $50,000 starting bid...

A Google-search also reveals that Google is the new...

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