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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Most-requested Google Features

In the recent poll – 481 of you sent their votes – these were the most-requested Google features from the list presented:

  1. A much higher level of detail in Google Maps
  2. Google improving spam defense in web results
  3. A better Google Translator
  4. A much smarter search AI that understands what you really want
  5. Search for parts of a word using wildcards
  6. A search across all of Google’s services
  7. Search for images using image comparisons
  8. Sort web pages by date, size etc.
  9. Higher storage in Picasa Web Albums
  10. Faster indexing of web pages

The Picasa numbers of item #9 were almost split in half by people wanting higher storage and those that didn’t care, probably a distinction between those who use Picasa and those who don’t. The higher level of detail in Google Maps topped the list, which was a bit of a surprise to me, though I definitely want that as well. The search for parts of a word (like th*s) also made the top ten... it’s a feature I wanted for a long time, albeit admittedly it’s an advanced feature, and the survey is skewed towards search experts (that is, people who read along here).


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