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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Church of Google

From Matt MacPherson’s

We at The Church Of Google believe a convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ever come to experiencing an actual Deity. It is the ultimate bridge between people and information.

The site also contains “proof,” as well as the “10 Commandments of Google.” The first commandment is:

Thou shalt have no other Search Engine before me, neither Yahoo nor Lycos, AltaVista nor Metacrawler. Thou shalt worship only me, and come to Google only for answers.

You are also encouraged to email your “Prayers 2.0”... an example:

Our Search Engine which art in cyberspace,
Google be thy name.
Thy Googlebots come.
Thy algorithm be done on company intranets
as it is in cyberspace.

Also see the Google Bible and Google mentions in religious contexts.

[Thanks Shane Coffey.]


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