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Sunday, September 3, 2006

Warrick Site Recovery

This is probably not the best backup strategy, but it may be a good fallback if all else is lost: Warrick recovers your lost website (as best as it can) through public tools such as the Internet Archive, the Google API and the Yahoo API. The whole cabundle will then be saved to your disk. Just don’t expect to retrieve any server-side scripting... [Via Waxy.]

AOL Research Closed

According to Greg Linden, the AOL Research group has been shut down in the wake of the recent data leak. [Thanks Ionut.]

Google’s Personalized Start Page Help Entry

Scott Smith points to this Google help page (“How do administrators create a personalized start page?”), further evidence that Google is planning to release a Google Personalized Homepage which can be customized for users (like the Dell one). Administrators can select different layouts, headers & footers as well as default content to then make their Personalized Homepage available under “”.


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