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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Google Talks Like a Pirate

Today is September 19th, also known as Talk Like a Pirate Day. While Google doesn’t put up a special logo to celebrate the occasion, at least they show some humor... and replied to the logo suggestion with the following email, The Inquirer says:

Ahoy mate,

Thank’ee fer th’ logo ye be suggestin’. We enjoy celebratin’ horlidays at Google.

As ye may imagine, it be terrible difficult fer us t’ choose which events t’ be celebratin’ on our site. We be hav’in a long list o’ horlidays that we’d be liken’ ter celebrate in th’ future. We be hav’in ter balance this rotatin’ calendar with th’ need te be maintainin’ the likeness o’ the Google homepage. (...)

The Google Team

[Image credit: Google’s Matt Cutts (pictured), US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.]


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