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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Google Kicks Belgian Newspaper

Following up on a court order, Google kicked Belgian “Le Soir” from its index in Belgium (not just from Google News, but web search and image search too). While shows around 50,000 pages for, shows 0. Nathan Weinberg comments, “Old, dying media, here’s your lesson for the day: Google doesn’t steal your content, it just points its millions of users at you. That is to your benefit. Don’t blow it next time."

Update: Danny Sullivan posted an excellent and extensive follow-up on the issue.

Create a Custom Animated Message

Wow, this lady has “Google Blogoscoped” tattooed on her back!

OK, you can create your own custom message, too. (And here are some more, real tattoos...)

[Via Generator Blog.]

Orkut Friends on a Map

Google’s social network site Orkut has a new feature that allows you to see your friends located on a Google Map. [Thanks Leon Santiago.]


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