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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Google’s Internal Subdomains
By Tony Ruscoe

As many of you will already know, I like to investigate new Google subdomains to try and guess what they might be working on next. Having already compiled a list of Google’s publicly accessible subdomains (which is no doubt still incomplete), I thought I’d see whether I could find out more about Google’s internally accessible subdomains.

Doing a quick Google search for [“”] returns around 19,000 results where people have found references to some of these subdomains in their HTTP referrer logs, presumably leaked when Googlers click through from Google’s intranet, internal applications or test sites.

In addition to these, I recently obtained a long list of what seem to be internally accessible subdomains that don’t appear to be discussed anywhere else. Here are just a few of the more interesting ones...

Of course, there are some of the usual suspects...

Googlers also seem to like their cartoon characters and comic book heroes...

Sometimes opposites attract...

Given that Google’s subdomains usually provide clues as to what services they’ll release next, I wonder what the following seemingly random subdomains could mean:

And, finally, I’m sure that many would say Google is guilty of the seven deadly sins...

And there are plenty more where they came from! The definitive list of Google’s internal subdomains is available on my website.

With so many subdomains knocking around the Googleplex, does anyone want to try and guess what they’ll be up to next?

[Many thanks to Philipp Lenssen and Garett Rogers for their help with this! Image by Google Press.]


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