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Friday, September 22, 2006

See Google’s Redesign Experiment

If you want to see one of Google's ongoing redesign prototypes in action, simply go to, paste the following into the address bar...

javascript:document.cookie="PREF= ID=ad93daafaa747f70:TM=1158373640:LM= 1158374016:GM=1:S=wNuiLiKHrkRnMZtf; path=/;"

... then go to preferences and hit "Save." If you'll go to now and do a search, you'll notice a navigation bar to the left side.

I wonder why Google is experimenting with this prototype for such a long time... surely they collected all the data they'd reasonably need by now? Personally I don't like this design much – I don't want navigation bars in search results, and I don't like how the navigation switches from the top (on the homepage) to the left (on SERPs).

[Via Google System, who saw it at Googlified.]


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