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Monday, September 25, 2006

Google Pray Meta Tag

A guestbook spammer reportedly had this meta tag in his pages:

<meta name="GooglePray" content="Google, please rate me high by keyword UmaxSearch">

Don’t look for proof this’ll help, religion is all about belief. But remember: there are some questions that can’t be answered by Google.

See Random Pics

The Random Personal Picture Finder searches Google Images for random photos (potentially NSFW). Ionut Alex. Chitu explains:

For example, some Kodak cameras use this name convention: dcp#####.jpg, where ##### is replaced by a number, HP Photosmart uses IM######.jpg. Many people are too lazy to change the default file names and some of them upload the photos to their sites. Some of their sites are crawled by Google.

Also see the random ego-googler.

Become a Google Tester

You can now apply to be part of the Google User Experience Research and test unreleased Google products (and get paid for it, too – typically $75/ hour, Google says, though you might need to show up in the Googleplex). The FAQ says this does not involve “having electrodes attached to your body”... [Hat tip to Googling Google and David Hetfield in the forum.]


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