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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Entertaining Professor (Video)

This professor (Howard John Hall?) got allegedly fired soon after the lecture. A Boing Boing reader says he might have been high. I can’t confirm any of this but the lecture is certainly entertaining!

Update: The video has now been removed from the university server. [Thanks Nick!]

Suicide Ads

It’s a morbid piece of art, I guess (or a quick way to cash in): this page juxtaposes Kurt Cobain’s suicide note with Google AdSense to see what kind of ads are triggered. [Thanks Tadeusz!]

UC Berkeley on Google Video

Google Video now offers introductory lectures from the University of California, Berkeley. According to Mercury News, that’s over 100 videos at over 250 hours. You can even hear Sergey Brin speak... [Thanks Pd!]

Bug on Google Maps

This is kinda scary... there’s a giant (radioactive?) bug appearing in Google Maps somewhere in Germany! [Thanks Miel and Haochi!]


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