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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Purpose of Google’s SearchMash

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch received answers from Google as to why they’ve created From Danny’s post:

As usual, there’s no guarantee any design prototypes will end up in Google’s live search for everyone, and Google also adds the site may be unavailable at times due to traffic limitations.

How are people going to end up on though? Danny takes a guess and speculates Google might divert people to the site through means such as when someone uses an AdSense for Search box on a content site; he also says that possibly, you won’t be able to spot new features by going directly to, as Google can filter out those users.

Clearly some of the pieces are coming together, though Google doesn’t seem to share the whole picture. But what about the “search tool that will enable users to design and build their own flavor of Google search, scanning just the sites they’re interested in” which Marissa Mayer talked about? Maybe after all that hasn’t got anything to do with SearchMash, but more with Google’s IndexBench.

[Thanks Mark RW.!]


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