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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Wearing 155 Shirts (Video)

The internet was invented to watch a guy score a world record for the most t-shirts worn at one time. OK, that’s just a theory...

[Via Kottke.]

Google at Uncyclopedia

If you want to find out what Google is not... well, there’s no better place to look than the Uncyclopedia entry on Google. (Oh, and try searching Uncyclopedia for google...)

[Thanks Sankar Anand, who found it at!]

Norvig’s Linux Humor

Brian Mingus took some notes on Googler Peter Norvig’s recent talk at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Included was this inside joke:

Enter “cat” and “dog” into Google Sets. Now enter “cat” and “more”.

Also, Ionut has two pics that explain a bit of Google’s Q&A, and points to the presentation video.

Google Literacy Project

Google in cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair and UNESCO has launched the Literacy Project, basically just a microsite dedicated to advertising off some of Google’s tools in the context of education.

[Thanks Manoj Nahar and Corsin Camichel!]

New Google Lego Logo

This ain’t the first ever Google logo built using Lego bricks, but it’s one of the bigger ones... and comes complete with a Making Of photo series. [Thanks Amanda W.!]


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