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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Official Google Blog Hacked

[Google Click-to-Call project cancelled]

So it turns out the official Google Blog got hacked this weekend, and someone was able to publish a fake post on it. This is especially ironic because the latest post on Google’s blog before that was titled “Our security stance,” with Google saying “We keep the bad guys out of our systems”...

The discussion continues in the forum.
[Thanks everyone! Screenshot by John Resig.]

Google Book Search Can Increase Sales

Reuters writes, “Publishers are starting to report an uptick in sales from Google Inc.’s online program that lets readers peek inside books, two years after the launch of its controversial plan to digitally scan everything in print," and Andy Baio comments, “hugely obvious, but most publishers are short-sighted, paranoid luddites.”

A statistic I’d really love to see; do sales also increase when the book can be fully viewed at Google Book search (not just some pages)?


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