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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Earning Money With ChaCha

Google Answers Researcher Missy emailed this:

You’ve probaly heard a bit about ChaCha, the new Human Assisted Search service. As you can well imagine, it caused a stir among the GAR community (of the “OMGZ, teh skyy iz fallinnnnng!!” variety, of course).

I managed to snag an invitation and have been searching and training other guides for the past couple days: guide_profile/15917

Verdict: Won’t pay the mortgage, but it sure is fun. I made $35 yesterday, and expect to make that much today as well. When my ChaCha card shows up next week, I can dump the money onto that and spend it/pay bills right away – no waiting 6 weeks for a check like GA.

Bloggers are calling ChaCha a good “Google Backup”. I concur. Google is still difficult for many people to sort out, ChaCha does a good job of holding searchers’ hands and finding good results for them.

ChaCha is currently closed to new Guides, but when they start accepting them again, I’ll let you know.

[Disclosure: I once answered questions as GAR – Google Answers Researcher – myself.]


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