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Friday, October 13, 2006

Colbert on YouTube Acquisition (Video)

Steven Colbert wants his cut from Google’s recent YouTube acquisiton... after all, The Colbert Show is all over YouTube (including, of course, this segment now). [Via InsideGoogle.]

Yahoo Commercials

Those Yahoo commercials aren’t too bad. [Via Barry, who has a couple more.]

Celebrity Fights (Video)

There’s lots of VIP fighting caught on tape here. [Via Digg.]

FakeCrunch: Google to Acquire Your Wife

(It might be something in my tea this noon, but that headline made me giggle...)

Multiple Channels at Google AdSense

You can now attach more than a single channel to AdSense units, Google reports. For example, you may want to track all footer ads on technology pages, but you also want to track all footer ads on celebrity news pages.

Picasa With Video Upload

Not satisfied with YouTube and Google Video already allowing you to upload movies, Google now makes sure you can also store them in Picasa Web Albums... provided you upgraded to a 6GB account, which only US users can do at this time. Haochi of has a sample video (you’ll see this is the known Google Video control).

The discussion started in the forum.

[Thanks Zmarties!]


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