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Monday, October 16, 2006

Ask Mobile With No Search on Homepage

Ask’s mobile homepage at

To quote Doug Leeds, vice president of product management for, from an Ask/ IAC press release (my emphasis):

Ask Mobile is designed specifically for search on mobile devices, instead of shoehorning a PC interface into a mobile product (...) Extensive testing showed that, by eliminating the search box from the home page and instead providing links to key search services, users were more successful in getting to what they were looking for, significantly increasing their satisfaction.


Wikipedia vs Baidu

While Wikipedia is reportedly unblocked in China expect except for its Chinese pages, China’s search engine Baidu now started a competing Wiki called Baidu Baike... with Chinese content that’s monitored. With the Chinese gov’t’s selective blocking, it’s an easy guess who’s able to gain user share now...

Add Google Reader to Gmail

Googling Google mentions a little Greasemonkey script – created by a Google employee, no less – which adds Google Reader/ RSS capabilities to Gmail. Who knows, this might become an official feature one day...

Also see how to get started with Greasemonkey for Firefox...

[Image by Mihai Parprita.]

A Search Engine With a Face

Ms. Dewey gives a search engine a human face, but that only makes it more obvious she’s inhumanly dumb (there won’t be much of a personalized reaction except for obligatory Easter Egg keywords like “games”, “cars”, “beer” or “life”). In fact, Ms. Dewey probably knows that much, as she’ll answer one of the questions with “Remember, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear to be stupid, than to open it and remove all doubt.” [Via Google System.]

Also see the Google Brain video.


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