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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weird Post on Official Blogger Blog

This is another of those “weird posts by Google” alerts. The official Google blog covering Blogger just published this (twice, no less):

white chocolate sugar skulls

Diary of a Crafty Chica: White Chocolate Sugar Skulls

i love these! it seems so obvious - replace the sugar with something you’d actually eat - but yet, what a surprise.

if i get my act together, i am totally making these for dia de los muertos this year.

sure, i’ll get around to it. along with finishing painting the toy box for my nephew, and doing nanowrimo, which i promised a friend i’d take part in this year (and actually finish the novel i’ve been working on? that would be shocking.) but other than that, i don’t really have many projects - hahahaha!

good thing i subscribed to CRAFT. yeah, right! just got my first one the other day - it’s super cute, and there are wayyy too many projects to keep me over-busy and inspired!

– posted by spacegirl at 1:14 PM

My first impression was “Gee, Google should really start using more descriptive titles.” But then, the whole post didn’t make much sense (unless I’m missing an in-joke), so I was reminded of a recent mention of a Blogger bug that would make people from one blog accidentally end up posting to another blog...

Update: According to Pete Hopkins in the comments, the problem was that a Google employee accidentally posted to the official Blogger blog instead of her own, personal blog.


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