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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Google Webmaster Tools Update

There’s been a few updates to the Google webmaster tools:

Now, I think there’s a fine line between offering tools that help webmasters, and forcing webmasters who want to have optimized sites to do a whole lot of additional stuff they don’t care about. For example, I think it’s a nice feature to see the Googlebot crawls visualized for those who care, but it’s just annoying that you’d have to opt-in to enhanced image search features. Can’t they just go ahead and do the stuff that makes most sense to users, and only burden webmasters when absolutely necessary (e.g. the image labeler game is fair use to begin with as it just shows thumbnails, so there’s no need to opt-in)? And do they expect webmasters to configure every individual search engine manually?

[Thanks Mambo in the forum.]


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