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Sunday, October 22, 2006

German Trade Fair Googleaxed

The website of the German Leipzig Trade Fair has been kicked from Google for using doorway pages, Golem reports. Yahoo still shows nearly 20,000 pages from the domain. The site owners even received an email from Google warning them of what will happen, but at that point it was too late – the ban was rolling out already.

Veiko Lange of says he can’t believe Google acts this way, as it wasn’t their intend to “hide anything.” Nevertheless, his team removed the redirects in question the same day Google sent out their warning... and has now filed a re-inclusion request. Veiko adds though that when German BMW was briefly kicked from the index a while ago, “in the end, this whole issue did more good to them than harm, because BMW received hundreds of links through blogs and news pages.”

I dunno. Any site that uses a 5-frame hack just to center the homepage probably deserves some kind of punishment...

[Thanks Tadeusz!]


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