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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clone (A Poem)

Listen to Clone [MP3].
[Generated with TextAloud, Audacity, Momus and a spam mail.]

Animated War Maps

Maps of War shows the Imperial History of the Middle East, an animated recap of who ruled the region in the past. Another map gives an overview on wars the US led or was involved in, using different colors for Republicans and Democrats. [Via Information Aesthetics.]

Multiple Gmail Signatures

This Greasemonkey script allows you to switch your Gmail signature based on the From address you select. “It’s still not exactly the set up I’d prefer for managing multiple accounts and signatures, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction,” Adam Pash at Lifehacker writes.

Background on YouTube Acquisition

Blog Maverick posted a little rumored background on the Google/ YouTube deal. It’s playing out a bit like a Mafia movie. [Via Waxy.]

Example of Gmail Catching a Fish

[picture1500..bmp.     exe - Virus found]

Google Halloween Logo 2006

If you can’t see Google’s Halloween logo today, check out Brinke’s thread.


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