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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

TIME on Web Future (in 1996)

Around a decade ago, Time Magazine asked: “Whose Web will it be?

Inside Federated Media

Nice. Folksonomy put up an extensive interview with John Battelle talking about Federated Media (who I also joined for ads here). Another cool ad network is The Deck, by the way... Andy’s banners always make me look, and often click, and I’m not typically doing that! [Via Micro Persuasion.]

Bomb Exploded at eBay/ PayPal

CBS5 writes:

An explosive device left at the eBay-owned PayPal headquarters in San Jose exploded Tuesday night, shattering a plate-glass window on the four-story building.

[Thanks TomHTML!]

Google Data APIs PHP Library

Google announced the release of the Zend Google Data Client Library to connect PHP5 to the Google Data APIs, which can be used to access Google Base, Calendar, Blogger and Code Search. The included samples worked out of the box (well, almost, there were some minor errors at times), accessing Google Base and my Calendar.


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