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Monday, November 6, 2006

Google’s Adam Lasnik Interviewed

The Online Marketing Blog interviewed Google’s Adam Lasnik, who since a while helps Matt Cutts keep up the communication with webmasters, search engine optimizers and everyone else with an interest in Google. Adam tells us what he does on a typical day (though he emphasizes there rarely is a typical day for him):

[L]ots of internal collaboration (in person or via e-mail or internal Google docs), and also informal alpha testing of new products, visiting a large set of forums, blogs and other online publications, and preparing for or attending interviews or conferences. (...)

[I]t’s not uncommon for me to leave for work on the Google shuttle at 8:15am and get home at 9pm or later. Previously, I’d have frowned upon that as “workaholism,” but given the diversity of tasks I tackle and the [flexibility] to intersperse social / personal tasks with work projects, well, it just feels comfortable and natural now. Taking breaks midday to work out at the gym or have an extended lunch with friends or attend a lecture from a renowned economist... I think this sort of fluidity and flexibility might be frowned upon elsewhere, but in the end it makes me happy and also more fit mentally and emotionally.

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