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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Simple Wikipedia Explains Web 2.0

You gotta love Simple English Wikipedia, that official site aiming to use plain English only for a global audience (like “Google ... is a very big and popular search engine on the World Wide Web. They also do things apart from searching.”). But wait until you read their entry on “Web 2.0”...

Web 2.0 is the second phase of the internet, brought into the light of existence by the glory of the Wikipedia, the neverending acquisitions of Google and a whle heap of buggy open-source software. It is essentially the wet dream of Wikipedophiles, Furries and other assorted nerds.

Second Life is a clear indication of the failure of the second web – it has already degenerated into an orgy of porn, debauchery and pseudo-homosexual activity. The Wikipedia is not far behind – the idea of an Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit has created a place where the mob can rule, where ignorance can reign supreme so long as it is powered by one or more fat, basement-dwelling nerds with an unlimited supply of Doritos with a twitchy finger on the “revert” button.

Half that page is flagged with pastel-colored Wikipedia warning messages, from “Someone thinks that this page or section does not use Simple English” to “Someone does not think this article is neutral.” Duh.


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