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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Google Trademark vs Blogger

Google cut off Ionut Alex. Chitu’s only current option of making money from his blog, Google Operating System, by disabling his AdSense. Apparently what Google’s getting at is that readers may confuse this with an official Google blog... since the word “google” is contained in the URL ( Ionut even offered Google to emphasize that his blog is unofficial, e.g. to include a “this blog is not affiliated with Google” at the end of every post, to no avail so far. Google tells him, “You’re welcome to continue showing ads on other sites that comply with our policies.”

Update: Good news for Ionut, thanks to some Googlers who helped review the situation! He received the following message:

I received your email from Scott. While we do require that publishers obtain permission before running AdSense ads on Blogger sites that contain Google Trademarks in the URL, we’ve re-reviewed your site and are happy to grant you permission to continue running ads on


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