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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Upgrading to IE7... or Firefox?

Tony Ruscoe, so far an Internet Explorer user, upgraded to IE7 and wrote a review. Firefox is winning 4 to 0, thanks to issues like these:

I’ve only tried using [IE7] for a couple of hours now and there are some quite things that are already annoying me. The first and most obvious change that’s causing a problem is the interface. I’ve read numerous other reports about how bad everyone thinks this is too – so how the heck did it ever get passed usability testing? Microsoft, please don’t make me think.

Tony’s still undecided whether or not to finally switch to Firefox, but his conclusion is very telling:

Ever since around 1999, my default browser has always been Internet Explorer. And before that, I think it was Netscape 4. I guess I just never got around to switching to Firefox. I didn’t really have a good reason to do so either. However, with IE7 being so different to IE6, I’m now being forced to make a change.

Did all good Microsoft developers leave to Google, or why does MS abandon product usability in so many instances (their Windows Media Player is another case)... and risk becoming their own worst enemy in the browser wars?


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