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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Domain Availability Checker is a nice, AJAXish domain checking tool. It will show you the availability of a domain name on .com, .net, .org (and a couple of others) instantly, as you type. There’s a “Whois” button next to every taken result as well to get more information.
[Via SEW.]

Flickr and Delicious Usability Review

Balakumar does a visual usability review (in the style of the recent Windows Live Mail review). He starts off his post with:

Hello Yahoo!,

I am one of the regular user and lover of Flickr and services. Whenever I am working of these web applications, I used to feel the need of some simple changes in them.

[Thanks Balakumar!]

Get a Google Painting

You can now order C.S. Bernays’ Google-inspired paintings exhibited in Hamburg earlier this year. (Non-US countries can be selected from the top-right navigation on
[Thanks Rolf Horst!]

Why Nick Douglas Left Valleywag

The New York Times got hold of a memo according to which Nick Douglas, blogger at Valleywag (which often covers Google), was fired... due to:

The memo however also calls Nick a “hellishly funny writer,” stating “he’ll go on from this to grander things in the Valley.”

[Via Waxy.]

Google Women’s Power

Luc van Braekel made a snapshot of Google product manager Vanessa Fox at the Pubcon in Las Vegas, adding “Nice shirt!”
[Thanks Luc!]

Techmeme Honors Links... to Techmeme?

Gabe Rivera of news aggregator Techmeme says, “if your blog or news article sends a moderate level of traffic to one of my sites, it will be evaluated for inclusion.” He adds “Linking certainly doesn’t guarantee you’ll appear, since all posts are run though the usual tests for newsworthiness.” Shelley Powers comments:

In other words, if you puff up Gabe Riviera’s empire, giving it lots of Google rank, as well as do all the marketing for him (...) you might be able to ’buy’ your way into being listed. That is, if you’re ’newsworthy’ enough.

Google News Sweden and Norway

Google News is now available for Norway and Sweden, Google announced.


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