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Friday, November 17, 2006

11 Web Claims

When they say...then they mean...
“We’re out of Beta today”“Please, mainstream news, cover us once more!”
“More features are coming up”“Sorry, we don’t have any features yet”
“We’re still in stealth mode, but you can sign up for an exclusive Alpha-tester invite”“We’re figuring out what to do with this domain name, but it was too expensive to just let go.”
“Please wait while loading”“We don’t have budget for more servers”
“We use semantic clustering to enhance results relevancy”“Our results are taken from another search engine, but will anyone buy us? Please?”
“Due to a temporary server malconfiguration, we’d like to ask you to change your password.”“Who the hell posted those credit card numbers to a newsgroup?”
“Our site uses the latest Web 2.0 features”“We solved an easy problem but added gradient colors... blogosphere, link away!”
“According to internal usability studies ...”“The guy in the hall said ...”
“Web 3.0 is ...”“I came too late to the Web 2.0 party, but not this time!”
“Our applications use AJAX for faster results”“The boss suggested to add a clock to the page so now your back button is broken”
“We’ve been acquired, but nothing will change for you, the user.”“Off to the Bahamas, sucker!”


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