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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Get More Storage from Picasa Web Albums
By Haochi Chen

Google’s Picasa Web Albums, which previously had only one upgrade option – $25/year for an additional 6GB – now offers more options for users with a United States billing address to upgrade, with up to 250GB of storage space available. The plans are getting pricier, of course: $100/year for 25GB, $300/year for 100GB and $500/year for 250GB. It may seem too much for photos, but Picasa Web Albums allows users with upgraded accounts to upload videos too.

I like how Google tells users that “You can always use your free Picasa Web Albums account without upgrading”. By the way, on the upgrade page Google says, “No complicated monthly bandwidth limits to keep track of.” Does that mean anything to you? It does to me...

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[Thanks Armin and Sohil!]


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