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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Google Book Search Update
By Haochi Chen

Google Book Search received a major update today, including the Information and Viewing pages.

On the Viewing pages, you can zoom in/out of the digitalized text to fit your preference, choose a one-page or two-page view, use the full screen mode, and scroll through the content instead of clicking on the arrows to go to a new page.

As for the Information page, Google has added sections showing “Key words and phrases” of the book, References from books, Related books, and References from scholarly works. Bibliographic information has been removed though.

Google Book Search also gets a new logo on the Book View pages.

There are more details about this update on the Official Google Blog and Inside Google Book Search blog. If you would like to know what Google Book Search used to look like, check out these screenshots.

Join the discussion in the forum.

[Thanks Sohil!]


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