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Friday, November 24, 2006

Please Write This Blog Post

When Alison entered the room, she looked, screamed and turned back. She wanted to cry and disappear. Google was great but dead. Her zombies! Mother came and said “cheese.” Persian kitten droppings are all what noxious aliens (cheese sandwiches) demand to eat. Marmelade, and head off to the Snodsbury Garden in Pittsburgh. Ache and head pains never beepboop. Terrorists are geeks, not fundamentalist nerds. Suddenly they realised what Blair wanted and needed: this Plilipp Brazil... now.

Suddenly without warning, rain started. Headless up straight and against time, the winter went daringly absent... rain while sunshine, a funny paradox indeed. She blogged this mystery, “Aagghfgh!”, and screamed a demistyfied “Help me, me!" The concept car lost Alison millions of chicken; maestro Beethoven turns communist... sad. Alison’s pandas – Blair – were Turkish, suffering the job gobble. “Rush now! Die, Microsoft Antispyware! Antidisestablishmentarianism! Fastfood is bad but better tasty!”

Close nearby, outside, gay penguins (caligraphy fridge masters) rampaged. Outside, fastfood stores monsters ran like amok maniacs. But Russia was as tasty cold as a cookie made bittersweet by sugar aliens of distant bubble galaxies. Germania, the moose froze Kenya, with dry Uruguayan Sanatogen. Then, snow ice appeared slowly. Categories of items carped incredibly fast – stupid moths. But then slowly the first me glanced away to see Narwhals Godzilla’s website forming babies to and from Reklamebureau.

In a Switzerland WC, girls scream while men are round. Elsewhere, kids are going to school. Blogs flourish when Philipp fertilizes scarcity and despair when double dwarfs trouble them festooneed, and dripping blood oranges are carelessly thrown around Chicago. By copyright and love they loved to optimize his search. Winter clothing bargains – melted chicken fajitas with cheese, carelessly placed diarrea bombs, around the slowly circus. The lawyer said, “Ohhh dear my, you stupid tent. I’ll try to put lipstick underneath the sofa and then disolve your mascara.”

Clouds burn silver heat inside Portugal... universal charm, antigdisestablishmentarianism dreams, but pop star culture rock is cheese. Stupid! Unbelievable but true love transcends terror. Alas, white chicken horse arrived hurriedly towards orgasm. What the heck? Miami Dolphins suck, however wonders never cease because fish detonate Googlebombs, always. Microsoft has impressed me, as though evil emerged ostentasiously perpetuated (completely ridiculous!) slack pantaloons, gliding in the interim universe... Blogoscoped science fiction. And then I mooned and decided wave surfing backwards was the answer.”

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