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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Google Digital Photo Frame

Louis took some photos of Google’s digital photo frame they sent out as Holiday gift to premier AdSense publishers.
[Thanks Louis! Photo courtesy of Louis. And thanks Dave!]

Customize Google’s "More" Box

Neat... Tyler Hall created a Greasemonkey script that will let you configure the “More” box on Google’s homepage (in case you don’t use the personalized homepage as default, which of course allows you all kinds of customization).
[Thanks Jon Henshaw.]

PageBull, Visual Search Engine

PageBull is fun. Instead of a traditional, text-based results, it returns (relatively large) screenshots of the pages in question, ordered on a grid. PageBull is even highlighting the search terms right in the screenshots. It’s nice to see they focused on getting the visual aspect right, instead of creating yet another meta searcher which simply adds thumbnails among a multitude of other gimmicks, none of which turn out to be really helpful. This way, while this won’t be a replacement to traditional, Google-style searching, it looks like a very useful tool for certain types of explorative searching.

Day Light Map

Google Maps mashup shows you which parts of the word are still sleeping (well, or working through the night/ partying). [Via Ionut.]


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