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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Google Display Advertising Network?

John Chow writes:

Recently, Google started a new ad network but is not telling anyone about it – the Google Display Advertising Network.

The Google Display Advertising Network was created so Google can go after Fortune 1000 companies, which buy advertising to build a brand more than to sell a product. Google already dominates text and CPC ads so going after display and video ads is the next logical step. (...)

The only way to get into the display network is if Google invites you, which is how I found out about it.

[Via Google System.]

Update: Looks like this is nothing new – John Battelle received the following reply from Google:

We are not testing or developing a new ad network. The existing display advertising network has been available for over 2 years, and most recently we introduced click-to-play video ads. We are always exploring ways to offer advertisers and publishers more flexibility and control over ad inventory.

Publish Google Spreadsheets

Google Docs now allows you to save spreadsheets to a public URL (like this one). Another new Spreadsheets feature is the ability to go back to revisions, the official Google Blog says. [Thanks Art-One!]

Join the ongoing comments.

Life in the ’Plex, Pt. 3

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Oh, I love this URL... These two are also neat: and

(Note: they’re all domainsquatters – some profitting from Google for *cough* parked domains *cough* –, mostly any subdomain will work, and don’t enter anything confidential at those sites!)

[Thanks Pd!]

Google Bingo

Fun for the whole family (if your whole family is into Google): Google Bingo. [Thanks Nicolai!]


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