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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spotted at Google Code Search...

Googler Eric Case posted a couple of funny comments left in source code, like:

[Via Digg.]

A Firefox Crop Circle...

... has been spotted on Google Maps. Much more entertaining than all those nekkid people. [Via Digg.]

Weird Helios (Google Maps) Jingle

The Zen Monkeys blog has the details on a new radio spot by Helios, advertising their wireless GPS-enabled phones with mobile Google Maps. Sing along now [MP3]:

I got Google Maps in my pants (Helios)
In my pants, in my pants (GPS)

Put Google Maps in your pants (get a Helios)
In your pants, in your pants!

Introducing Search Engine Land

The Search Engine Watch crowd is moving to (beautifully designed) Guess we all gotta update our bookmarks!

[Thanks Tony Ruscoe.]

Gmail Displays Outlook Invitation

Nathan Jamin sends along this screenshot, saying that this is how Gmail displays a Microsoft Outlook invite.

Yahoo Invites Ex-Google Answers Researchers

Yahoo is inviting researchers from the now killed Google Answers site to join Yahoo Answers. Yahoo is heavily promoting its service through advertising, blog posts, links from the homepage etc., while Google slowly killed off theirs by removing mostly all ways to get to it during the past months and years (without ever handing out real reasons, leaving researchers and users alike guessing). Nice move from Yahoo, though... will Google ever try their hands at a Yahoo-style, free Q&A service after the current shut-down? Disclosure: I was active as GAR in 2003.

Join the ongoing comments.

[Thanks DPneal, Ionut and Richard!]


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