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Friday, December 8, 2006

Google Online Assessments?

What’s this service Google calls Online Assessments (or “GOA Exam”)? Tony Ruscoe found it in Google’s sandbox a while ago and now Christian of Googlified points out that you’re able to view the page... albeit you likely won’t be able to actually login (see my screenshot above, which reads “access restriced”, with a email and a copyright of 2006)! If you just go to – without the goaexam – you’ll end up on the “Google Enterprise Customer and Partner Site,” by the way.
[Thanks Haochi!]

Update: Google took the site down now, but TomHTML was able to spy on a couple of illuminative CSS class names: mistakes, essay_topic, word_count, datePicker, candidate_action, personal_information, pi_directions, review_desc, choose_exam.


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