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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Google Claims to Return Result in 0.00 Seconds

This Google Book search is incredibly fast, as Ionut found out. Maybe next year Google returns results in negative time. This means you will get the results to your search query before actually entering it, saving you lots of keystrokes.

Aaron Swartz: Google Treats Employees Like Kids

Aaron Swartz – the original Google blogger* – posted a dark piece on “Goog Life: how Google keeps employees by treating them like kids”, and assembled a large quantity of comments by Googlers opposing his views the last couple of days. Aaron writes:

Not a whole lot has changed since the last time I visited Google. The campus is bigger – the buildings across the street, instead of being reserved for lawyers and other lowlifes, are now being used by the engineering staff as well, to keep up with Google’s nonstop growth. And the employees seem a little less excited about things than the last time I was there. Nobody says “We’re on a mission to change the world!” anymore. Now they say, “Yeah, I’m just going to stick around here another six months until my options vest.” and “I kind of want to transfer out of my group but I worry that all the other groups are worse.”

But the two blatant changes to the campus are a large, terribly fake-looking replica of SpaceShipOne hanging in the middle of the main building and a replica dinosaur skeleton standing outside. “It’s as if this place is being decorated by seven-year-olds,” a friend comments.

*Aaron Swartz had the most popular blog on Google some years ago, heading many top lists... his Google Weblog was even first in a Google search for “weblog”.

[Via InsideGoogle. Image courtesy of Google’s press media room.]

Turning the Google Homepage Into a Webcams Portal

Brinke Guthrie turned his Google personalized homepage into a webcam portal. He explains (HTMLified by me):

I have six tabs dedicated to seperate headings, like Tech, News, Sports, and also Webcams. I use this module, and then line them up alphabetically. You just fill in the URL of the page, the URL of the image itself, and that’s it. I found this link,, which has a bunch of live cams. (In addition, if you go here at and look on the right hand column, you’ll see a great live video stream of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. No webcam, but perfect quality live video.)


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