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Friday, December 29, 2006

Get Disorganized with Google Desktop?
By Tony Ruscoe

I’m seeing an advert on Google’s home page at the moment that reads as follows:

Get disorganised in 2007. Use Google Desktop to find your files.

Are they saying that we’ll get disorganized if we use Google Desktop – or are they trying to suggest that we can be disorganized because Google Desktop will help us to find our files? It’s not clear to me. Either way, it seems strange that Google would use both “Get organized” and “Get disorganized” in adverts that are trying to push Google Desktop. (Previous adverts have used phrases like, “Get organized in the new year with Google Desktop.”)

Note: The screenshot above is taken from the home page although this also appears on when accessed from the United States, where the US spelling of “disorganized” is used instead, of course!

[Thanks Jesse Dubay, who also posted in the forum about a similar message on the SERP which was also accompanied by a strange bug.]


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