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Saturday, December 30, 2006

AdSense Blacklist to Increase Revenue

Oliver Gassner pointed me to, a service which generates a list of URLs based on a URL and a set of keywords you provide. You can then copy & paste this list into your Google AdSense competitive ad filter* to (supposedly) increase ad revenues by up to 50% – because low-paying sites are disabled, leaving more room for those advertisers earning you more cash per click. Ads Blacklist also claim that as a bonus, they’re solving the problem of what they call “made for AdSense” (MFA) sites.

As an example, the following list is an extract from what Ads Blacklist serves when I enter plus the keywords google, blog, search, seo, search engine, search engines, technology:

I find the idea intriguing but at the same time, I’m confused – shouldn’t Google already make sure to earn you as much as possible, by comparing prices etc., because it’s in their best interest (as they get a piece from every dollar you earn)? Does anyone have experience with this service?

*In AdSense, go to AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter, and save changes in the “AdSense for Content filters” text box.

[Thanks Oliver!]


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