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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Google Reader Trends

Google’s RSS reader now visualizes your reading patterns with a bunch of statistics. As I don’t use Google Reader my screenshot is a bit boring, but you can see the pieces its made up of:

More than just data analysis, the Reader trends pages allows you to directly unsubscribe feeds you don’t seem to read, dusting up your inbox.

Here’s a feature wish for the Google team: allow bloggers to see the aggregated stats for their blogs. As blogger I’m interested to find out how often this blog’s feed is accessed (not by Google, which hides the real number due to caching, but by readers), what percentage of posts are being read, the average duration in which posts are being read, what other blogs are in its “neighborhood,” what overall position the blog is in by number of post views, and so on.

Join the ongoing forum comments. Feel free to share screenshots of your stats in the comments!

[Hat tip to Huw & Chris, TomHTML, and Google Reader blog!]


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