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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Google and Creative Commons

I want to brainstorm a simple question: where is Creative Commons missing in Google? As you probably know, the Creative Commons license gives those who want to create content (like bloggers – I’m “giving away” posts) the chance to enable sharing for their content, and yet keep some rights to it; so on this side, Google apps can offer the option to publish with a Creative Commons license. For those looking for content, on the other hand (e.g. bloggers, again – I’m always on the look-out for photos to use in articles), Google apps can offer the option to search for Creative Commons-licensed content.

Here are examples of where Google is already using (or acknowledging) the Creative Commons – please add your examples as well if you know any:

Here are examples of where Google might be using Creative Commons in the future (but isn’t yet doing so):

In some of these instances, a Creative Commons option might only clutter up the interface. However, in most cases, the option would perfectly fit an advanced search page (which casual users won’t visit in the first place) or a settings page. And in some cases, like Picasa Web Albums, or Google Image search, or Google Video, we have reason to believe a very visible option might be of interest to everyone, even casual users. The phrasing doesn’t always have to mention Creative Commons either, as it’s a fairly theoretical concept; instead, e.g. in an image upload dialog, the question might just be “do you want others to be able to share your image?” along with an “advanced” link for the full, CC-based options.


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