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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Google, the Intelligent Agent Software Package

In 1994, Kevin Savetz predicted what the ’net would be like in 1995, including:

Smart searches. The first intelligent agent software packages will emerge, allowing Net users to ask for a specific piece of information like “What is the population of Fiji?” or “How far is Saturn from the Sun?” An agent will go out on the Net, find the information, and return it without the user knowing the source.

It’s interesting to note that Google finds a direct answer to both questions:

What is the population of Fiji?

Fiji – Population: 905,949 (July 2006 Est.)
According to

How far is Saturn from the Sun?

Saturn – Distance From the Sun: Mean: 1427 million KM (9.539 au.) Max: 1507 million KM (10.069 au.) Min: 1347 KM (9.008 au.)
According to

More on Google’s Q&A feature...

[Via WebProNews.]


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