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Friday, January 12, 2007

More Google Related Searches

SEO consultant Joe Whyte entered web hosting into Google and saw these related searches below the organic results:

[Searches related to: web hosting - picture hosting - web hosting comparison - web hosting forum - windows web hosting - web hosting - christian web hosting - web hosting ratings - geocities]

I wasn’t able to reproduce the “searches related to” cluster box back in December, but this time, I can see it too...

What’s interesting in this context – when you search competitor Yahoo for web hosting, on top they will show you a “tip” icon (a light bulb) promoting Yahoo Web Hosting and Yahoo Small Business web hosting. And right below the ad spot, which shows 4 sponsored results, you’ll be getting a “Yahoo Shortcut" for “Professional Web Hosting” “Build a Free Personal Web Site”... the first linking to Yahoo Small Business again, the second linking to Yahoo’s Geocities.

[Thanks Joe!]


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