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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Google Kiosk

New Scientist recently reported on a Google Billboard patent describing a kind of public electronic ad board, placed in shopping malls and on the street, which runs Google-powered ads of products to buy nearby:

Stores buying advertising time on local electronic billboards are able to connect their stock-control computers to the network. The ads are displayed in rotation, but only until the stock-control computer reports the product as sold out.

And from Google’s patent:

One or more keywords or other descriptors are specified for each advertisement message. The system then generates an advertising campaign specifying where the advertisement message is to be output (...) The output may consist of various forms including video, audio, printed incentive, interactive data transfers and/or combinations of these.

Related to this is another patent for a “Google Kiosk”, public terminals which include a kind of Google product search & shopping reviews & maps engine for the surrounding area (if I understand it right). Here are some illustrations from the patent:






[Via Search Engine Land.]


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