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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Selling Your Orkut Community

(OK, I hope I get most of this right because all my sources are Portuguese language.)

Floripa, also known as Florian√≥polis, is the capital city of the state Santa Catarina in Brazil, and there is one Orkut community specifically for Floripa lovers. The community, titled “Eu AMO Floripa!” (“I LOVE Floripa”), assembled over 74,000 members over time. This size made it interesting for marketers – so interesting in fact that the original owner of the community, Bruno Unger, a guy in his mid-twenties, was able to “sell it off” to an agency for roughly $934 (2,000 Brazil reais), as Googlaxy informed me. The agency is now using the moderation rights that were transferred to them to push an event called “Floripa Tem” (a kind of sports/ music/ food/ fun festival to promote the city, if I understand it right).

It’s no gigantic sum of money, but I wonder if the “selling” of a community is within Google’s/ Orkut’s terms of service. And technically, the place still belongs to Google I guess, though I’m no lawyer...

[Thanks Googlaxy!]


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