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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guess the Search Game

SearchFrays is an original game in which you have to guess the search query for a given website, so that the Google results of your query would bring it up in the top 10.

Spoiler: (.llew sa LRU eht ot ytiralimis rof sseug dedivorp eht kcehc ot tnaw thgim rotaerc ehT) .eman eht fo gnillepssim a gniretne yb sdnuor niw ot ysae ytterp yletanutrofnu s’ti ,flesti eman s’etis eht fo eman eht retne ot dewolla ton era uoy elihW

Also see my “What Did I Search For?”, a game that sort of does the reverse of SearchFrays.

[Via Google OS.]


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