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Friday, January 19, 2007

3D World Based on Searches (Video)

The project “realtime information graphics” (from 2002/ 2003) visualized the publicly shown search queries of German search engines as a 3D world. MP4 and AVI videos are available for download. Searches related to computers, for example, are represented by a geeky avatar dressed in an Atari shirt, whereas a woman in bikini shows for searches within adult realms, as the project background explains. The world is split up into three levels with varying degrees of user interactivity, including those which offer some sort of game-play.
[Via Information Aesthetics. Screenshots by]

Also see VisitorVille 3D, which shows website traffic (including Google referrers) as a city including citizens, cars, helicopters, skyscrapers and such.

Yahoo TagMaps

Yahoo World Explorer is a sample Flash application implemented with the help of the new Yahoo TagMaps API. It displays Flickr tags on a Yahoo map, and clicking on a specific tag will show the associated photos to the right side. Unfortunately, the link to open these photos in full size on Flickr didn’t work here. [Via SEL.]


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