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Tuesday, January 23, 2007’s New Domain Owner?

This is weird. Reports come in from Netherlands a Dutch reader that Google Germany,, is now forwarding to Marc Keilwerth’s (I can’t reproduce this). Others tell me has a new owner since January 22nd: Martin R. from Wiesbaden, Germany (with Mario M. listed as technical contact).

Danny over at Search Engine Land also sees Goneo when he tries to access He ends up at a screen showing German C-star Mirco Nontschew next to the message “Für diese Domain wurden keine Inhalte hinterlegt. Bitte schauen Sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt nochmal vorbei...”, which translates to, “No content was provided for this domain. Please come back again later...”

[Thanks Alexander Svensson and Michiel Ouwerkerk!]

[Edit: The temporary domain owner in question requested from me that his personally identifiable information be removed from the article, so I removed the full names.]

Update: The domain ownership went back to Google some hours ago, at around 9:00 CET. Google did not provide us with a comment yet, but according to information from German IT news sites Golem and Heise, here’s what happened.

In mid-January 2007, someone issued a request with web host for ownership of (this is called a “KK-Antrag” here). Without further verifications, Goneo forwarded this request to German domain manager DeNIC, who then asked Google Inc if this change was OK. But Google failed to answer to this question in time (within 5 days, according to, which DeNIC treats as a silent acknowledgment – causing an automated change of the domain ownership from Google Inc to Goneo at around 20:30 CET yesterday.
But that’s not the end of it – Goneo realized what happened and blindly allowed DeNIC to free the domain. Soon thereafter, another “KK” change request was issued by a Wiesbaden domain merchant (Heise and Golem refer to Martin R. or Mario M., I guess)... who, around midnight, found himself to be the new owner of


[’Für diese Domain wurden keine Inhalte hinterlegt.’]
Visitors to saw this last night for some time...

[Thanks Ionut & everyone who commented! Goneo screenshot Creative Commons licensed by Rustybrick.]


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