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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Midomi Music Search: Sing to Find

Oh wow, this is fun: you sing or hum a part of a song, and music search engine Midomi finds the title and artist for you! I tried Yesterday, I Just Called To Say I Love You, and a couple of other popular songs and they were all found (some more exotic songs didn’t yield any hits; luckily for Midomi, I bet most searchers will blame their own singing talents instead of the search engine’s algorithms). When you get a result, you can then play the original artist’s recording, or play a user’s rendition, or add the song to the shopping cart for $0.99.

I suppose this engine does some pattern matching, but the devil is in the details, and they got the details right (with room for improvement when it comes to the size of their music database). My prediction that we’d have a “song comparison” engine by 2005 was off by two years, but I guess it had to happen... the idea is just too obvious, and obviously useful. Having to memorize the singer of a tune is yet another part of the human brain that’s starting to become redundant...

[Via Waxy.]


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