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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Googler Opens "Pay What You Want" Cafe

Ervin Peretz, a 37 year old Google developer and sparetime pokerbot creator, along with Susan Allsup opened a special kind of cafe in Kirkland. According to a Seattle Times report, when you’re at the “Terra Bite Lounge,” you pay whatever you feel like: from nothing at all to 40 bucks or whatever else you want to put into the metal lock box. Amy Roe explains:

The idea emerged during a booze-fueled debate in a Saigon bar, where Peretz and a colleague had traveled to blow off steam after a period of long hours at work.

Peretz argued that people are essentially good, but can be influenced by their environment. If people see good, they’ll be good.

On top of that, Terra Bite is also “a console game boutique,” offering free Playstation and Xbox gaming, and selling games, the Terra Bite homepage states.

[Thanks Anu! Image by Terra Bite, used with permission.]


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