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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Broken Search

This Google search is clearly broken.

Google Maps Smoke Signals

Look, a smoke signal message on Google Maps! You can create your own, too. [Via Digg.]

Mark Cuban Challenges Google Video/ YouTube

Billionaire entrepeneur Mark Cuban complains about the Google/ YouTube copyright stance – like, “we can’t monitor everything, but do take down copyright-violating videos on requests” – and asks: why are they able to filter porn then? As a proof of concept, he’s asking everyone to try upload adult videos to Google Video and YouTube and send him the links. (I dunno... while it takes a lawyer to determine if the copyright is cleared on something – is it fair use quoting? is it copyrighted material? was permission granted? is the uploader the content owner? – it only takes a mere human to monitor clips for nudity.) [Via Wirres.]


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